Joy To The World
1. Joy To The World, The Lord Has Come!

Let Earth Receive Her King;

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room,

And Heaven And Nature Sing,

And Heaven And Nature Sing,

And Heaven, And Heaven, And Nature Sing.

2. Joy To The World, The Savior Reigns!

Let Men Their Songs Employ;

While Fields And Floods, Rocks, Hills And Plains

Repeat The Sounding Joy,

Repeat The Sounding Joy,

Repeat, Repeat, The Sounding Joy.

3. No More Let Sins And Sorrows Grow,

Nor Thorns Infest The Ground;

He Comes To Make His Blessings Flow

Far As The Curse Is Found,

Far As The Curse Is Found,

Far As, Far As, The Curse Is Found.

4. He Rules The World With Truth And Grace,

And Makes The Nations Prove

The Glories Of His Righteousness,

And Wonders Of His Love,

And Wonders Of His Love,

And Wonders, Wonders, Of His Love

Major (Shankarabharanam / Bilawal)


* showing details for Shankarabharanam / Bilawal

S   R2   G2   M1   P   D2   N2   S

S   N2   D2   P   M1   G2   R2   S

In the Key of C:

C   D   E   F   G   A   B   C   

C   B   A   G   F   E   D   C   

Ref Gents Pitch: 3 Pancham / E

| Ref Ladies Pitch: 1 Pancham / C

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