Love All Serve All
Love All Serve All

God loves everybody


There’s no favorites here in His creation

He loves all His children

Loves us equally

And that love is my greatest inspiration


So I will love all, serve all

That is the way for me

Love all, serve all

That is the way to be

Deep in my heart of hearts

I hear a holy call

To love all, serve all

Sai is always giving

All throughout the day

Giving love to everyone He sees

I want to be living

In that divine way

So I’ll look for opportunities


No matter what religion

Or nation you come from

No matter what your personality

All are Sai’s children

So I’ll give everyone

All the love that is inside of me

[ Yes, I will love all, serve all … ]

Major (Shankarabharanam / Bilawal)


* showing details for Shankarabharanam / Bilawal

S   R2   G2   M1   P   D2   N2   S

S   N2   D2   P   M1   G2   R2   S

In the Key of C:

C   D   E   F   G   A   B   C   

C   B   A   G   F   E   D   C   

Medium Fast
Ref Gents Pitch: 5 Pancham / G

| Ref Ladies Pitch: 2 Pancham / D

Notes Range

Lowest Note: p / G (lower octave)

Highest Note: P / G

* Western notes are in the Key of C

Song Tags

o holy presence

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