Om Tat Sat
Om Tat Sat Sri Narayana Tu

Purushothama Guru Tu

Siddha Buddha Tu, Skanda Vinayaka

Savita Pavaka Tu, Savita Pavaka Tu

Brahma Mazda Tu, Yahva Shakthi Tu

Yeshu Pitha Prabhu Tu

Rudra Vishnu Tu, Ramakrishna Tu

Rahim Tao Tu, Rahim Tao Tu

Vasudeva Go Viswa Roopa Tu

Chidananda Hari Tu

Advitiya Tu Akala Nirbhaya

Atma Linga Siva Tu (Sai) (x 3)

Om, Thou art that, You are Narayana, God in the form of man;

You are the embodiment of perfection and the perfect teacher.

You are the enlightened Buddha; You are Subramanya and Ganesha, the remover of obstacles;

You are the Sun-fire that destroys the darkness of ignorance.

You are Brahma, the Creator; Mazda, the Great One. You are Jehovah, and Divine Mother, the creative Energy.

You are Jesus, our Lord, Holy Father.

You are Rudra, the Transformer, and Vishnu, the Preserver; You are Rama and Krishna;

You are Rahim, all kindness, always giving and expanding; You are the Tao.

You are Vasudeva, the Sustenance of all, omnipotent and omnipresent;

You are Hari, destroyer of illusion, the blissful Spirit.

You are unparallelled and one without a second, beyond time and fearless of adversities;

You are Shiva, the atma lingam, symbol of the formless Absolute.

Sarva Dharma
Sanskrit / Hindi
Major (Shankarabharanam / Bilawal)


* showing details for Shankarabharanam / Bilawal

S   R2   G2   M1   P   D2   N2   S

S   N2   D2   P   M1   G2   R2   S

In the Key of C:

C   D   E   F   G   A   B   C   

C   B   A   G   F   E   D   C   

Medium Slow
Ref Gents Pitch: 2 Pancham / D

| Ref Ladies Pitch: 2 Pancham / D

Karaoke Tracks for Practice


Reference Track

2 Pancham / D

Gents Pitch Karaoke Tracks

2 Pancham / D


Sheet Music Tat Sat.pdf

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8 Beat / Keherwa / Adi
Karaoke Tracks

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