Hari Bhajana Bina Sukh Shanthi
Hari Bhajana Bina Sukh Shanthi Nahin

Hari Naam Bina Ananda Nahin

Prema Bhakthi Bina Uddhar Nahin

Guru Seva Bina Nirvana Nahin [ Hari Bhajan … ]

Japa Dhyaana Bina Sam Yoga Nahin

Prabhu Darsha Bina Pragyana Nahin

Daya Dharma Bina Sath Karma Nahin

Bhagawan Bina Koi Apna Nahin

Hari Naam Bina Paramatma Nahin

Without Singing To The Lord

Without Singing To The Lord There’s No Peace Or Happiness

Without Praising His Name There’s No Feeling Of Bliss

Without Love And Devotion We Never Will Be Free

Without Service To Him No Salvation Can There Be [ Without Singing … ]

We Find Union With Him When Our Minds Are At Rest

The Best Wisdom Is Seeing The Lord Everywhere

The Most Righteous Of Deeds Shows Compassion And Care

There Is No One As Near And As Dear As The Lord

He Is Present In All And In All Can Be Adored

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Ai no Kokoro de Kami

Ai no Kokoro de Kami no Uta o

Kami no Mina wa Inochi no Izumi

Ai o Motte Kokoro o Zukushi

Uyamau Koto wa Kami e no Michi

Ai no Kokoro de Kami no Uta o

Inori o Motte Ikiteyu Kou

Kami no Misugata Kokoro ni Ukabe

Watashi no Kami yo Ai no Kami yo

Ai ni Yori Michibiki Tamae

Kami no Ai wa Sekai no Subete

O Mind, understand that there is no peace without chanting the glory of the Lord Hari, which itself is Bliss. There is no progress without loving devotion to the Lord and no liberation without service to the feet of the Guru. There is no equanimity of mind without remembering the Lord’s name and meditation. There is no integrated awareness without Lord’s vision. Performing good deeds constitute righteousness and compassion. Understand that everything belongs to God and that Supreme Consciousness is attained by chanting the Lord’s name.
Sanskrit / Hindi
Major (Khamaj)


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8 Beat / Keherwa / Adi
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