The Honey Bee
Oh, Lord, let me fly to Thee,

I’m drawn to Your sweetness,

Like a honey bee.

Lord, how can I stay away?

You draw me back,

With each new day.

Your light, Your Love and Your grace,

I see them all reflected in Your face.

Now nevermore will I depart,

For I’ve found You, In my heart.

And always we shall be as one,

You in me and I in Thee,

The flower and the honey bee.

Major (Shankarabharanam / Bilawal)


* showing details for Shankarabharanam / Bilawal

S   R2   G2   M1   P   D2   N2   S

S   N2   D2   P   M1   G2   R2   S

In the Key of C:

C   D   E   F   G   A   B   C   

C   B   A   G   F   E   D   C   

Medium Fast
Ref Gents Pitch: 3 Pancham / E

| Ref Ladies Pitch: 7 Pancham / B

Notes Range

Lowest Note: S / C

Highest Note: S / C (higher octave)

* Western notes are in the Key of C

Song Tags

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