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06 May 2007 | Sai Sruthi, Kodaikanal | Easwaramma Day

Make Your Mind The Master Of Your Desires

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Embodiments of Love!

EASWARAMMA day is held to commemorate the day when Easwaramma left her physical body.

(Telugu poem)

Understand The Importance Of The Mind

People are deluded by body attachment. Body is ephemeral, evanescent and impermanent. Whatever is born is transient only. Whatever is there in this world is bound to perish. Only one thing remains forever and that is the mind. But many people call it monkey mind. No, no. You belong to mankind and have nothing to do with monkey mind. The mind, in fact, is of the nature of the Self. You should make befitting efforts to understand its true nature. Only those who have control over their mind can be called human beings. There are many in this world who are highly educated. There are also many who have mastered various forms of knowledge and are engaged in mighty tasks. But they cannot be called human beings in the true sense of the term if they have no control over their mind. All kinds of good and bad thoughts occur in the mind. Keeping the mind away from all that is bad, you should accept only that which is good. Never allow your mind to associate it self with anything that is bad.

Goddess Lakshmi always chants “Narayana, Narayana” only. The principle of atma originates from Lord Narayana. You may say Atma or mind or hridaya ; they are all one. The atma means Narayana only. The mind is also Narayana. And so is the heart. Narayana is called Hridayavasi (indweller of the heart). We should give utmost importance to the mind. But many people do not give due importance to it.

As Are The Feelings, So Is The Result

At the time of My departure for East Africa, Easwaramma tried to dissuade Me from going, saying, “Swami ! I hear there are many fierce animals in those forests and the is full of all kinds of dangers. Therefore, You should not go there. Whatever You will, all that will come here. Then, why do You want to go there” I told her, “I am not going to see the wild animals there. I am going in response to the loving prayers of My devotees.” When I went there, the devotees of East Africa arranged small aeroplanes. I went round the forest in one such plane. There were thousands of wild elephants in the Kampala forest. It looked as though the entire forest was full of elephants. I had taken bananas with Me and gave one each to some of them. All of them enjoyed eating it. Bisons were also seen in thousands. We saw lions lying on the road here and there. Even when we drove our jeep over their tails, they did not react. Even fierce animals will not harm us if our mind is good. They will attack us only when we try to harm them. When we look at them with love, they will also look at us with love. Yad bhavam tad bhavathi (as are the feelings, so is the result). Our thoughts are the cause of their enmity or trust. As we went forward looking at the animals, we saw fifteen lions lying near a road. Some were suckling their young, some others were eating the meat of an animal brought by them. I said to Dr. Patel and others who accompanied Me, “When we do not harm them, they also do not harm us.” Taking a camera from one of those who accompanied Me, I went near the lions and took their photographs. All of them were happy to see Me. You can see, none of the lions did any harm to us. When you approach them with the evil intention of harming or killing them, they will also try to kill you. We should never go to them with such wicked thoughts. In fact, we should not look at any being with evil intentions.

Do Not Develop Body Attachment

Meanwhile, Easwaramma kept thinking about Me with great concern and did not even eat her food properly, with the result that she became quite weak. I kept her informed everyday morning and evening by phone from Kampala, saying, “I am quite all right.” Hearing this, she used to be somewhat comforted. When I came from Kampala, she was very happy. She came near My car and garlanded Me, saying, “Swami , You look very happy and healthy.” She took Me inside and rotated a coconut in front of Me to ward off the effect of evil looks of others. She was beside herself with joy and said, “Swami , I never imagined that Your trip would be such a grand success.” She d her joy with one and all in Puttaparthi also. Whenever we visited other s, on our return to Puttaparthi, Easwaramma used to describe to the people all that happened during these visits and exhorted them to follow the ideals set by Swami .

Once the Summer Course on Indian Culture and Spirituality was being conducted at Bangalore. At that time, Easwaramma had also come with Me. As long as she was alive, she always desired, “Swami , wherever You go, I should go with You.” She asked Me to give her a promise that I would not leave Puttaparthi. I gave her this promise. “Wherever a tree is planted, it should be allowed to grow there only. If it is pulled out and planted at different s, it cannot attain proper growth,” she used to say and pleaded with Me, “Swami , You should always reside at the of Your birth.” One day, after her breakfast, she had a cup of coffee. Suddenly, she shouted “Swami , Swami , Swami .” I said, “I am coming, I am coming, I am coming.” Then she asked Me to come quickly and I came to her immediately. She caught hold of My hands and d them on her head and breathed her last. Where was the need to keep the body which had no life in it Therefore, I immediately sent her body to Puttaparthi. I sent Ramabrahmam with the body after giving him necessary instructions. Those who were present there said, “Swami , You should also go with the body.” But I refused to go. Summer classes were in progress and students had come from many countries. The students thought, there would be no classes on that day as Swami would be going with the body of Mother Easwaramma. But the classes were held as usual and I went to the second class. The students wondered, “How has Swami come! He was supposed to go with the body of Mother Easwaramma!” Why should I go with the body The body goes as it comes. I did not come with her body; I came separately. Therefore, I sent her body to Puttaparthi in a car with the instructions to make a Samadhi for her.

Many people in Puttaparthi also wondered, “Why Swami has not come with the body!” The body comes alone and goes alone only. Everyone comes alone and goes alone. Ekameva Adviteeyam Brahma (God is one without a second). After the completion of summer classes, I went to Puttaparthi. I told everybody there, “It is natural for the body to have birth, growth and death. All bodies are like that. Therefore, nobody should have body attachment.” (Here, Swami told the life story of Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar who fulfilled the noble desires of his mother and set an example of service to society. He also taught the lesson of humility and selfless service to an I.C.S. officer by carrying his briefcase from the railway station to the where he himself was to deliver a speech.)

Easwaramma was happy that I ate only simple food. She would say, “Swami , You should let the world know about Your food habits.” I said, I would certainly do so. Right from those days, I have been emphasising on the need to have simple and Satwic food. When I am in Puttaparthi, I always eat ragi sankati (gruel made of a coarse grain) with groundnut chutney. Sometimes, I take sankati with totakura dhal (a preparation made of a leafy vegetable) instead of chutney. I do not relish any other item. I do not touch spicy curries like kurmas, burmas, etc. I do not even like the smell of kurma . My only dietary requirement is sankati with chutney. But when I visit other s, people in those towns do not know what sankati is. So, I eat whatever the devotees prepare for Me. I conduct Myself in accordance with the time, situation and circumstances. However, I never deviate from My practices; I strictly adhere to them. Let people think what they want. I never imitate the practices of others. In this manner, this body is entering its 82nd year. But none can say that I look like an 82-year-old person.

May you sanctify your time in the service of Swami! May you put into practice the principles of service that I have taught you! With this, I bring My Discourse to a close.

The human body is not an ordinary thing. It is like the temple of God. This body is also like a chariot for God. This chariot cannot be empty. In the chariot, the one who has the form of the Atma is the God. It is in this context that we say that God, who is ancient, because he is eternal, is living in this new human body. In this sacred and divine temple, the human body, the effulgent Atma is living. Like every river which flows to join the sea, the human life must also flow to join its ultimate destination, the ocean of Divinity.Â

– Sri Sathya Sai Baba

The body is made up of five elements and is bound to perish sooner or later, but the indweller has neither birth nor death. The indweller has no attachment whatsoever and is the eternal witness.

One who considers his mind as the basis of his life is a true human being. One who leaves his mind to its whims and fancies is, in reality, a monkey and not a human being. You should make your mind the centre of your awareness. Leaving the mind to its arbitrary ways is like leaving your life principle itself. Hence, make your mind the basis of every aspect of your life.

(Here Bhagawan materialised a gold medallion).

This medallion has the image of Lakshmi at its centre with precious stones all around it. The precious stones represent the desires, over which presides Lakshmi who is true, eternal and permanent. You should make your mind the master of desires like Lakshmi. Manah eva manushyanam karanam bandhamokshayo (mind is the cause of bondage and liberation of man). Everyone should try to know this truth.

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