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20 May 1996 | Brindavan |

lnfinite potency of the Raama principle

Download – lnfinite potency of the Raama principle

EMBODIMENTS of Divine Love! Man is endowed with all potencies. Forgetting the divinity inherent in man, people behave as if the body, the physical instruments, is everything. The truth about man is taught as a secret in the Ramayana. In the following discourse in this series you will learn more about Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha, Kausalya, Seetha and other characters in the Ramayana. Only then the true significance of the Ramayana will be properly understood. The Spirit that is the indweller in all of them, is one and the same. Because they appear in different forms they are considered different.

Embodiments of Love! The Rama Principle is a mystery. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished in this world with faith in the Rama-thatva (Rama Principle). It is a mighty force. That is the reason why the Rama Principle has survived in the hearts of Bharatheeyas even after thousands of years. Despite the efforts of foreign conquerors, this faith in the Rama Principle has remained firm. It remains as fresh as ever. It is infinitely mysterious. It is present in everyone. It survives as the imperishable nectar though the form went out millennia ago. We should not go by name and form alone. The Rama principle has infinite potency. Its true form is beyond description. The Rama Principle continues to illumine and inspire the hearts of men. When students grasp this truth, they will understand what is meant by manavathvam (humanness).

Do not mistake the cotton fruit for the mango

If you wish to lead an ideal human life, you have to follow the example of the avathars (Divine advents). Avathars can come in human form. But you should not be misled by this phenomenon. Avathars may appear in human form, but you should not equate yourself with them. In physical form both may appear alike. But there is a fundamental difference. You should not mistake the cotton fruit for the mango.

God comes in human form because man has strayed away from the path of righteousness. To reform man and bring him back to Dharma, God has to take the human form. Birds, beats and insects lead lives according to their specific nature. They do not need avathars. Today, only man has given up all righteousness, forgotten his divine essence and degraded his humanness. To reform man in this state, God has to come in human form. The avathar has to protect the good parithranaya sadhuunam reform the erring and punish the wicked. The role of the avathar will be explained in detail in the ensuing discourses.

Ramayana has life-giving message for all

The Ramayana should not be treated merely as the story of Rama. It has a life-giving message for every human being. People lead artificial lives today. When they understand the Ramayana they will know how to lead true lives. The first requisite is to know what is right. Then it has to be practised. There is no meaning in merely repeating the name, “Ram, Ram, Ram.” The Rama Principle has to be fully understood. And one has to live up to it. This is possible only if there is love. Through love, one realises the Rama Principle and is transformed into an image of Rama. All scholarship and religious observances are of no value without such a mental transformation. The mind should be divinised. Faith in the name of the Lord is the basis for this transformation.

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