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01 May 2008 | Brindavan | Summer Course

Man Without Morality is Verily a Demon

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Editor’s note: This discourse does not appear in the Sathya Sai Speaks series. It is taken from the following website and edited slightly:

Bharat is the motherland of many noble souls who earned great reputation in all the continents of the world. This is the land of many valorous people who could vanquish the enemies in the battlefield. This is the land of many learned people who taught the Vedas and other sacred scriptures to the people of other countries. But, unfortunately, the Indians (Bharatiyas) today have forgotten the principles of spirituality and are taking to wrong path. (Telugu poem)

Revere your mother, father, preceptor, and guest as God (Matru Devo bhava, pitru Devo bhava, acharya Devo bhava, atithi Devo bhava) is one of the main teachings of the Vedas. Speak truth, practise righteousness (Sathyam vada, dharmam chara) is also the principal teaching of the Vedas. But these teachings of the Vedas are not seen or heard anywhere today.

Base your life on truth and love

Wherever we look in the world these days, greed and desires are on the rise. Even the people of other countries are feeling the need of controlling the senses. People today are accumulating sin due to the misuse of the senses.

It is alright to have desires, but they should be within certain limits. People today have limitless desires.

Moreover, everything is full of pollution these days. The water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe are all polluted. In fact, all five elements have become polluted. One’s very life depends upon these five elements. How can one’s life remain unaffected when all the five elements are polluted People appear to speak sweetly, but their minds are full of bitterness. This is very bad.

What is the purpose of human birth Who is a human being A human being is the embodiment of Divinity. But if one takes to a wrong path, how can one be called a human being That is why it is hard to find a true human being today anywhere.

Even those with high education and big degrees, occupying high positions of authority, cannot be called human beings if they lack truth and love. In fact, they waste their money and time in acquiring this so-called high education, which is without any essence. Acquiring high education, reading sacred books, and undertaking spiritual practices like repetition of the name, meditation, yoga, and sacrifices – all these are a mere waste without developing truth and love, which people have completely forgotten today. Whosoever speaks anything, there is an element of untruth in it. Regarding love, outwardly people appear to be smiling but inside there is only poison in them. How can one attain peace without truth and love

Righteousness (dharma) comes from truth (sathya). Therefore, it is said, there is no dharma greater than adherence to truth (Sathyannasti paro dharma). Where there are truth and righteousness, peace will come there automatically. Love can develop only in peace. Where there is love, violence cannot exist. Then only can one perform all actions at the physical, mental, and spiritual levels peacefully.

Therefore, if you want to have peace, you should primarily develop love. If you want to have love, you should adhere to truth.

But today people resort to untruth even in small matters. On top of it, they are full of anger. Anger completely eclipses truth in people.

A person has taken birth not to raise a family or fill the belly but to redeem their life. If one acts contrary to this, one loses humanness.

A human being becomes divine when they free them self from desires. Mother aspires to see the happiness of her children, whom she has brought up bearing all hardships and difficulties. But, unfortunately, today people do not love their father and mother. In fact, they do not love anyone.

Embodiments of Love!

Wherever we look in this world, we don’t find even a trace of peace anywhere. We don’t find peace even in flower sellers, vegetable vendors, and firewood sellers. Where is peace Peace is only within us. It is there in our speech and in our heart. It cannot be found outside. Whatever spiritual practices like repetition of the name, yoga, and rituals we may undertake, they cannot provide us peace.

First and foremost, we should make our heart steady and peaceful. We find only conflicts wherever we look in this world. Even intimate friends who have love for each other quarrel on trivial issues. In fact, one cannot find a true friend in this world. Evil qualities of our heart are responsible for these conflicts. Therefore, make your heart pure not the physical heart but the spiritual heart. There should not be even a trace of impurity in it.

Only God can give you true happiness

People today are accumulating a lot of money. But what for What will they take with them when they go They have to go empty-handed. They have to leave even their body here when they go. Five elements merge with five elements. Then the empty body is cremated.

Therefore, one should not be proud of one’s body or wealth. Money comes and goes, morality comes and grows. We should develop morality. In spite of high education, people today have lost their morality. One bereft of morality is not a human being at all. In fact, one is a demon in human form. Where there is no morality, there can be no humanness. Respect your elders, show gratitude to your parents. But people today lack such feelings of gratitude and respect, thinking, “Why should we respect our elders Why should we love them” Wherever they go, they crave money and more money! What is our true wealth Love is our true wealth. When we acquire this wealth of love, we can have everything. We can catch even clouds in our hands. Everything is there in the hands of a person, and all gods are present in them. In fact, a person is nothing but divine from foot to head. All worldly things are like passing clouds, which come and go. To feel proud of these passing clouds is a great mistake. At the time of speaking, we speak anything. But when it comes to putting into practice, our actions do not match with our words. This is a great sin. Oh people! Nobody in this world can give you happiness except God! God alone protects you in every way. Always contemplate on Him. You will be free from all sorrows when you constantly contemplate on God. Some people make fun of you and ask, “You are always saying, God, God, God … but, what has He given you” It is God who gives you everything. It is only God who rewards you, punishes you, and protects you. Everything is God. Truth is one, but the wise refer to it by various names (Ekam sath viprah bahudha vadanti). We give this or that name to God only for our satisfaction. In fact, all names are His. We should install Him in our heart permanently. Whatever difficulties come to you, accept them as the Will of God. Nobody knows why God gives difficulties. Think that difficulties are for your happiness. One cannot derive happiness out of happiness (Na sukhat labhate sukham). Pleasure is an interval between two pains. The mind is responsible for all difficulties. When one’s mind is troubled, one finds troubles everywhere. One even gets disgusted with life and starts feeling that life itself is a waste. One’s mind and one’s desires are the cause of all this. Do not hurt or harm anybody. Love everyone. Serve everyone. You will derive immense benefit from it. If you help anybody, this help itself will help you. This type of help is not to be seen in this world today. Wherever you go, there is self, self, self and mine, mine, mine! People have become so self-centred that they forget everyone except themselves and near and dear ones. The entire universe is the embodiment of Lord Vishnu (Viswam Vishnu swarupam). A human being is not a mere mortal but divine. Therefore, consider everyone as divine. Do not harm or hurt anyone physically or mentally. Some people derive some sort of satisfaction from hurting others, but they have to suffer the consequences of their actions in future. They are unable to realise what difficulties they will have to face. Whatever you eat, you get the belch of that only. If you eat cucumber, you cannot have the belch of mango. So, whatever you do, you are bound to experience the consequences of it. Therefore, see good, do good, say good, be good, and experience good results. Whatever God says, it is all only for your good. Krishna said, “Arjuna! You are worried because of your delusion. This war has come for your victory only. This victory is for what This victory is to show divinity of man.” Love everyone and receive God’s Love Embodiments of Love! All your difficulties are like a mirror. They reveal your true form. You harbour all types of desires and consequently undergo many sufferings. Therefore, give no room to desires. Your unlimited desires are the cause of all your difficulties. There can be no effect without cause. No sapling can grow without a seed. Therefore, seed has to be there, which grows into a huge tree. Whomsoever you come across, consider them as your own. Identify yourself with them. Develop this feeling more and more. Who are you You say, “I am such and such.” What is your name You say, “My name is Nagappa.” In this manner, everybody has a different name. Even if the entire world asks God, “Who are You”, He will say, “I am I”, “I am Brahman (Aham Brahmasmi).” In fact, the entire world is permeated by Brahman. You cannot find anyone in this world in whom Brahman is not present. So, whoever you criticize or praise, it reaches God. When you criticize God, you cannot escape the consequences. Hence, never criticize. Whatever anybody says about you, let them say it. Think that they are not criticizing you but themself. Whatever one may speak, it will go into thin air. What is the use of reacting to that speech, which goes into thin air Only love reaches the heart. What sort of thoughts should you have Your thoughts should be permeated with truth. You can experience love only when your thoughts are truthful. Hence, lead your life with love and end your life with love. Whatever you do to others, in fact, you do to yourself. Be it good or bad, help or harm, everything is the result of your own thoughts (sankalpas). Therefore, love everyone. If you cannot love others, just keep quiet, but do not abuse them. In fact, nobody has any right to criticize others. It is the same love that is present in everyone. Can love criticize love No, no. Love never criticizes. It always gives the experience of love to everyone. Even birds and animals have love. Should a person not love their fellow human beings When one is endowed with so many good qualities, one should love one’s fellow humans. Only then can one become the recipient of God’s love. Therefore, love everyone and attain the love of God. Combine your love with truth. Never resort to untruth. You can have love only through truth. Where there are truth and love, there is peace. Where there is peace, there is nonviolence. Therefore, primarily develop truth and love. Then you will not resort to violence. Whatever spiritual practices like penance, rituals, and yoga you may undertake, suffuse all of them with love. God is your true relation. He comes to you in the form of your son, your daughter, your friend, and all other relations. God is your true relation in all your difficulties. That is why He is called “a relation in times of difficulty (apadbandhava)”. But how should we deal with this relation Do not deal with this relation at physical level. Here is a small example. Immediately after marriage, the husband and wife develop intimate relationship. They say to each other, “You are me and I am you.” But after a week, there is a change in the relationship; then wife is wife and husband is husband. Soon after the marriage, when the husband and wife go out together and the husband sees a thorn on the way, he gets very much concerned that it may hurt his wife. On seeing it, he shouts, ‘thorn, thorn, thorn’ and pulls his wife away to save her. There is so much love and concern! They go to bazar after a week. There the husband sees another thorn and says to his wife, “There is a thorn; can’t you see if with your eyes” After some more days, when he sees another thorn, he shouts in anger, “Are you blind” There is a change in this love just in a few days. If we repose our faith in this love and lead our lives in this type of love, then how long can we live This love changes in just a few days. Physical love is no love at all. The two bodies are like two water bubbles. Both are filled with air. This will burst and that will also burst. When the bubble bursts, air will merge with air. Therefore, this type of love is not what we should aspire for. Heart to heart love is important. It is this heart to heart love that reaches God. Community bhajans benefit all participants Here so many people have come to participate in devotional singing (bhajans). Do all of them have steadfast faith and devotion (sraddha and bhakti) Can all of them get liberation (mukthi) No, not at all. Out of all these people, the prayers of merely ten people may reach God. Community bhajans are organized with the hope that out of the large number of people participating in them, the love of a few of them may reach God. Bhajans are also meant to develop love for God in the community at large. Guru Nanak started the practice of community singing. When somebody asked him, “So many people are singing together. Will God listen to all of them,” he replied, “It is possible that the love of at least one or two persons will reach God. That is enough to protect all of them.” Therefore, we should conduct community singing (samashti bhajans). Community (samashti) is formed by individuals (vyashti). When many individuals come together and form a community, then their strength increases. God (Parameshti) has not created creation (srishti) just for fun. He has done this to manifest the unity of all creation. Unity is the underlying principle of creation. It is meant to promote the principle of love in all. But, unfortunately, political parties today are dividing people on party lines. Four people belonging to the same family are taking to four different ways and partitioning the house into four sections. This is very bad. Even if there are four hundred people in a family, there should be unity among them. Everyone should help their neighbour. All should help each other. Only then can there be harmony in creation. Otherwise, creation loses its purpose. Take part in bhajans wholeheartedly, and sing the glory of God. Even if you are not able to do any other spiritual practice, chant the name of God. That is enough. (Here Swami sang the bhajan, “Hari Bhajan Bina Sukha Santhi Nahin …” and continued His Discourse.) You cannot attain peace and happiness without devotional singing (bhajan). Peace can be attained only through bhajan and not by any other means. “You cannot attain bliss without chanting the name of Hari (God) (Hari nam bina ananda nahin).” “You cannot have union with God without performing repetition of the name and meditation (Japa dhyana bina samyoga nahin).” What does yoga mean It is not merely to sit still with closed eyes. What does meditation mean It is not remembering God with closed eyes. You should install God in your heart. Do not think that you are different from God. You should become one with God. The androgynous (ardhanareeswara) form of God symbolises this truth. This form represents both man and woman. One is the individual soul (jiva) and the other is Brahman (Daiva). True liberation signifies the unity of the soul and Brahman. Where there is the soul, there is Brahman. Therefore, there is no need to run after God. God is present in all individuals (jivas). Do not consider yourself merely an individual; think that you are Brahaman. You consider yourself an individual because of your body attachment. You should not do that. The same Atma is present in all. When you take the Atmic principle into consideration, all are one. So many individuals are present in this Hall. The Atma in all of them is one and the same. There is one sun in the sky. It gives light to the entire world. Similarly, God is like the sun who illumines the life of everyone. We engulf ourselves in darkness when we criticize others. Therefore, love all and serve all. If someone abuses us, let them do so. Abuses will merge in thin air. Therefore, always think that nobody can criticize you. Have faith that God will always protect you. Develop unflinching faith in God. Many people deny the existence of God. If there is no God, where have you come from What is the of your origin If you don’t have faith in God, all your life becomes a waste. Always remember God Therefore, embodiments of love, develop truth and love. When you have both truth and love, you will have peace. When you have peace, you can lead your entire life happily. You will not have hatred for anyone. You have hatred only when you lack love and truth. You should unite love and truth in your life. When you have love, you will love everybody; you will make everybody happy. Therefore, treasure love and truth in your heart and never forget them; not even in your dream. Dreams are only the reaction, reflection, and resound of the waking state. Whatever you do in daytime, it comes into your dreams at night. Dreams are like passing clouds. Do not run after them. Hold on to God who is true, eternal and changeless. When you hold on to God, you can accomplish anything. Then you will have no fear and no worries. Let people say whatever they like. Do not bother about it. Think that they are criticizing your body and not you. Do not give undue importance to your body. You are not the body. When you say, “this is my body,” you should question yourself, “who am I” This ‘I’ is not the individual ‘I’. It is the fundamental ‘I’. It is not merely related to a particular individual. It is related to all. The symbol of Christianity (+) signifies the cutting of the individual ‘I’. Only when you cut the individual I can you attain Divinity. Hence, give up the narrow feeling of I and mine. You say, “my son, my daughter (Na koduku, na bidda).” Here ‘na’ means no; it signifies nothing. Only God is with us always. Everything is God. Always remember Him. Do not waste even a single moment. Waste of even one moment is a very big wastage. If you think of God even for a moment, you will experience so much bliss. When you are in the grip of sorrow, close your eyes and remember God. This will give you peace. Do not feel sad or miserable for anything. Face all situations with courage and fortitude. Courage and fortitude are your true strength. In this way, being devotees of the Lord, contemplate on Him every moment of your life. (Bhagawan sang the bhajan, “Rama Rama Rama Sita …” and continued His Discourse.) Students sing the bhajan, “Always worship the Lotus Feet of Rama, son of Kausalya, which are dear to Sita, are worshipped by Bharata and served by Hanuman, and which redeemed Ahalya (Kausalyatmaja Rama charan, vaidehi priya Rama charan, Bharatarchita sri Rama charan, ahalyodharaka Rama charan, Hanumatsevita Rama Charan).”. All five persons mentioned in this song are very dear to Rama. In this way, every Avatar selects some fortunate persons for His special grace. The persons so selected are those who have effected total surrender. Rama was the very Atma of Mother Kausalya. Rama said, “Kausalya gave Me birth. Without Kausalya how could I incarnate So, My mother is My God.” The second line of the song is “Vaidehi priya Rama charan”. Vaidehi means one who has transcended body attachment. The next line is “Hanumatsevita Rama charan”. Hanuman always thought only of Rama and constantly recited “Rama, Rama, Rama”. The sound of “Rama, Rama, Rama” emanated from every pore of his body. Once Rama asked him what he was contemplating upon. Hanuman said, “Swami! Every hair of my body recites Your name!” Saying so, he plucked a hair from his body and brought it close to the ear of Rama. Rama Himself heard, ‘Rama, Rama, Rama’ emanating from it. Therefore, while contemplating on the name of God, our entire being should be permeated by divine consciousness. Our every thought, every word, and every action should be suffused with the name of God. Then only can we truly become divine. God is in the form of a human being (Daivam manusha rupena). God incarnates in human form. One who recites the name Rama or any other name of God constantly is a true human being. Even an atheist would say, “Ayyo Rama!” when in pain, and one says, “Abba Rama!” when hurt or wounded. Therefore, everybody has to utter the name of God at some time or the other. Always remain immersed in the name of God. Recite any name of God – Rama, Krishna, Allah, Jesus. God is called by many names, but He is one. There are many sweets like Mysorepak, gulab jamon, burfi, palakova, jilebi. But it is only sugar that imparts sweetness to all of them. Similarly, in all the names, the divine principle is the same. I am one, but I am present in everyone in all forms. There is unity in My creation, but you see diversity because of your defective vision. You should see unity in creation. Do not go by your vision. Your eyes see both good and bad. When there is a defect in one’s eyes, one sees two things instead of one. The defect lies in your vision. Truly speaking, God is one. Chant any name, but chant it with love. When you chant the divine name with love, you will experience love everywhere.

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