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15 December 2007 | Prasanthi Nilayam |

Love Is God; Live In Love

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Embodiments of Love!

PEOPLE think there are many troubles, difficulties and sorrows in this world whereby they are filled with anxiety and worries. But in fact there is nothing like this; it is bliss everywhere.

Brahmanandam,Parama Sukhadam, Kevalam Jnanamurtim, Dwandwateetam,Gagana Sadrisham, Tattwamasyadi Lakshyam, Ekam, Nityam, Vimalam, Achalam, Sarvadhee Sakshibhutam, Bhavateetam, Trigunarahitam (Atma is the embodiment of divine bliss, wisdom absolute, beyond the pair of opposites, expansive and pervasive like the sky, the goal indicated by the mahavakya tat twam asi , one without a second, eternal, pure, unchanging, witness of all functions of the intellect, beyond all mental conditions and the three attributes of satwa, rajas and tama s).2

God And You Are One

The world is the creation of God. Right from man all living beings including animals, birds and even insects are the creation of God. As they are the creation of God, all of them have their origin in bliss. All these difficulties and troubles are only the imagination of man. Pleasure is an interval between two pains. There cannot be happiness without difficulties. These difficulties are meant to give you happiness, and not to make you miserable with more sorrows. Hence, whatever comes to us, we should consider it as God’s gift and be happy. We should not consider that it has been given to us to make us suffer. Suppose you have pain in the stomach. What will the doctor do If he performs an operation, it is not for causing pain to you. The pain that the doctor causes is to remove your suffering. Hence, one should bear difficulties and overcome his sorrows.

There are millions of living beings in this world. All of them have originated from God. Therefore, the same God is present in all of them. People give many names to God as Rama, Allah, Jesus, etc., but God is only one. Atma is another name of God; it is the same in everyone. The real name of atma is love. Love is only one, but it is present everywhere and can alleviate all sufferings. One who is endowed with love is free from all sufferings. All of you have come from such a distant like America. What for You have come because you have love for Me (loud applause).

You can attain anything if you have love. God has no specific name. He is present in man in the form of atma . What does atma mean It means love only. It is love that unites all. If you imbibe this principle of unity, then all will become one. When you attain this unity, you will have purity. When you have purity, then atma tatwa (principle of the Self) will manifest in you. Therefore, you must have unity to attain divinity. I and you are one. God and you are one. God is not anywhere separate from you. You should develop the feeling that you yourself are God. When you say, ‘I’, it represents unity. You cannot estimate the bliss that is derived from unity. All are one. It is the fickle mind that is unsteady and wanders arbitrarily.

Only one thing is steady. That is love, love, love. Love is God. Live in love. This is what we have to learn today. Same love is present in everyone. Mother loves her children due to this feeling of love. All are the children of God. Therefore, God loves all. He has no hatred. He is not the cause for your pain and suffering. God is not separate from you. Wherever you may be, God is present there. God does not forsake you. There is no where there is no God. Wherever you see, God is present there. (Swami pointed to different things and said) This is God. This is God. You are all the embodiments of God. You have two eyes but you can see a large number of people with them. Similarly, God is one, but He can see all. Where is God He is in you, with you, above you and below you. There is no need 2 to search for Him. It is because our vision is limited to physical level, that we see differences. We should not rely on the physical body. Body is like a water bubble; mind is like a mad monkey. In one moment the mind is here and in the next moment it flies away to another . Manas, buddhi, chitta, ahamkara (mind, intellect, mind-stuff, ego) – all these are temporary like passing clouds. Only one thing is permanent. That is you. Where is God You should develop the feeling that you are God. This is the correct answer to the question, where is God. You may perform any number of spiritual practices like bhajans, japa and tapa, but love should form the undercurrent of all these practices. In fact, if you have love, there is no need to perform any spiritual practices. There is no use of performing all spiritual practices, if you do not have love. Fill your mind with love. “Prema mudita manase kaho Rama Rama Ram…” (recite the Name of Rama with your heart full of love). Hence, give highest importance to love. Love is important. Love is God. Live in love. This is the spiritual practice that we have to undertake. Worldly relations are temporary. They are impermanent like passing clouds which come and go. They are your mental reaction, reflection and resound.

(Swami showing His handkerchief) What is this This is a cloth. It is not merely a cloth, it is a combination of threads, it is not thread even, it is cotton, which is the creation of God. Everything has emerged from God like threads. You weave the threads as per your liking. But it is not your liking that is important; what is important is what God likes. There can be changes in the body and the mind. But love is changeless. It is permanent. Everything has birth and death but there is no birth or death for love. The birthless and deathless love is only one. It comes from truth. Truth is one. Truth is God. This God in the form of love is present everywhere, wherever you see.

Treasure Love In Your Heart

God is present in man in his breath. When you breathe, where does the breath come from It comes from within. The breath itself is your God. What is its form It is present in man in the form of Soham , which reveals your divine identity. ‘So ’ means ‘that’, ‘Ham ’ means ‘I’. Therefore ‘Soham ’, means ‘that I am’. ‘That’ refers to God who is present in man in the form of love. Therefore, man should treasure love in his heart safely. Other thoughts come and go like passing clouds. Only love is permanent and eternal. You should perform every task with love. Even if you come across your enemy, you should love and greet him saying, ‘Hello, Hello’. Then he will also respond saying ‘Hello, Hello’ to you. This is the reaction, reflection, resound of your feelings. Whatever good or bad you experience is the result of your own actions. Everything comes from within you. Hence, you should always remain immersed in love. If you have love, you can achieve anything and perform any task. It is love that is responsible for the entire 2 creation and its functioning in this world. There is no greater God than love. Love is God. Whatever you do without love is a futile exercise. Hence treasure love in your heart. Everybody will be attracted towards this love. It bestows everything on you. It is love that creates, sustains and destroys. When you look at the world with your physical eyes, you see diversity in creation. But, in fact, everything is love. It does not change. You should be filled with such love. If you follow this principle of love, it will give you the fruit of all the spiritual practices.

People call God by many names such Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Allah, etc. But all names refer to the same God. If you call Him Allah, He responds. Similarly, if you call Him Jesus, or Zoroaster, or Rama, He will respond. All these names have been given by man. God is not born with these names. Original name of God is only love. You may refer to any dictionary; love is only one and not two. Man may have many physical relationships. You may consider someone as your husband, someone as your son and someone as your daughter. They are all physical and worldly relations. Who has established these relationships It is you only. Since these are relationships acquired by you, they are subject to change. But love remains the same. With such love you may chant any name such as Rama, Krishna, Govinda, Narayana, Jesus or Allah. All these names refer to the same divinity. You may grind rice and prepare various dishes such as Dosa , Idli , etc. You may mix rice with sugar and prepare payasam (sweet pudding). But rice is the same in all these dishes. In the same way, only one God is present in the entire creation, and that is love. You should perform each and every task with love.

We call others as ‘brothers and sisters’. At physical level they are separate. These relationships are of your own making. But never observe diversity. Brothers, sisters and all other relationships are one. You see an old man or a child, both are essentially divine. God is beyond all ages and all forms. Only love is His true form. The same love is present in all forms that you see. Hence everyone of you should develop love. You may call God as Rama, Krishna or Sai. But it is only a difference in names. God is only one (loud applause). Love everyone wholeheartedly. Then only can you experience bliss. So long as you have love, you will not be devoid of bliss.

People today observe individual differences. There are three aspects of an individual. 1. The one you think you are. 2. The one others think you are, 3. The one you really are. At physical level you may be identified with your name, form and village. But in reality, you are only one. This is what you should realise. Recognise the unity of entire creation. Your worldly relations will also have some value when you recognise this unity. You may add any number of zeros with one, the value will go on increasing. If you remove one, there is no 2 value. In the same manner, you may chant any name realising the oneness of God. Ekam sath viprah bahudha vadanthi (truth is one, but the wise refer to it by various names). The vedas authenticate the same truth. With love in your heart, you may go to any country, chant any name, perform any spiritual practice. Do not hate anybody. Help Ever, Hurt Never. This is what the devotees are supposed to do (loud applause). When you call yourself a devotee, you should not observe any differences “You are not mine, he is mine”. This is not good. It amounts to hating God. You should think “God is in me, with me, around me, above me and below me”. Wherever you see, the same God is present there. Develop this feeling of oneness. Then you will attain highest bliss.

You have come from different countries and you have different names and forms. But having come here, you are all one (loud applause). From today onwards, may you always remain in bliss for ever and ever. People say, “Today is my birthday.” What is the meaning of birthday It is the day of the birth of the body. Today it is born, tomorrow it may die. But you are eternal. You have no birth, no death. Be always happy. This is what I desire. Do not allow the differences of mine and thine come near you. All of you have sung the glories of the Lord in one voice. This unity is divinity. Where there is lack of unity, there is diversity. Hence develop unity. Where there is unity, there is purity. It is purity that attracts God. The white dress that you have put on symbolises purity. Differences are seen when you put on dresses of different colours. You should not give room to differences. Not only in dress, you should observe unity and purity in your mind, feelings and thoughts. All are one. On returning to your respective s, lead your lives with unity, love and bliss. Your bhajan has made Me happy.

Consider bhajan as your bhojan (food) which satiates your spiritual hunger. You should partake the food of bhajan every moment, day in and day out. Right from the morning till night, you should constantly do bhajan in your entire waking time. This is Swami’s teaching to you. Perform all your tasks, while contemplating on the name of God within you. God is within you, without you, beyond you, below you and behind you. Very happy.

Whatever God does, it is always for our own good. All His actions are intended for our good. It is necessary for us to recognise this truth and conduct ourselves accordingly. Young students, both boys and girls, should be prepared to enter the society and do the right kind of service. In the very first instance, you must try and understand the sacred nature of your country. As soon as one is born, one recognises his father and mother. So also, we should regard the dharma or righteousness and sacredness of our country. We should regard the history and culture of our country as our father and mother… Truly, one’s motherland is more important than even the parents who gave birth to you. Students should recognise that the body is only a reflection of the country. The society is in a very degraded state. The sacredness of our culture is becoming tarnished. Students should come forward to revitalise the sacredness of the country.

– Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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