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04 September 1994 | Brindavan |

Let Truth prevail

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God creates the entire Universe from Truth. Finally everything merges in Truth. This pure and unsullied Truth Alone pervades everywhere. EMBODIMENTS of love! Without Truth, the world cannot exist. The entire world rests on Truth. Everyone has to seek this Truth. It is because man has forgotten this Truth that there is no peace and security in the world.

Truth is the eternal witness and it cannot be hidden by any one not can it be altered. It is independent and cannot be affected by time and space. In ancient times, the people flourished as they followed truth unflinchingly. They were prepared to sacrifice everything for the sake of truth. Harishchandhra sacrificed everything – his kingdom and family too, to uphold Truth. He is still revered as Sathya Harishchandhra. God and Truth are not distinct. God is the very form of Truth. It is the duty of humans to keep Truth as the ideal and adhere to it at any cost. Truth is the abode of God. It is the basis of all knowledge and wisdom.

The Vedas are based on Thath. All real enjoyment of happiness, wealth and comforts is based on Truth. But, for the sake of transient worldly pleasures, sacred Divine Truth is forgotten. The ancients used to shun untruth as a poisonous snake. In the modern age, people are drawn to falsehood and not Truth. They make no effort to realise that they are themselves embodiments of Truth.

Integral relationship between man and God

Just as the eyes, ears and other limbs are parts of the body, every individual is a part of society. Society is a limb of humanity. Humanity is a a limb of Nature and Nature is a limb of God. Man has to realise the integral relationship between himself and God. Sin is not something outside man. Man’s actions determine whether they are good or bad. They are based on thoughts arising in the mind. Through sublime thoughts one can reach the highest state of Sakshathkara (direct perception of God). For attaining this state of Realisation, one need not undertake penance in a forest. It has to be realised within oneself. The body, the mind and the intellect are only instruments. Man is their master. When the mind is infested with bad thoughts, one indulges in bad deeds. When one follows Truth, he can become Divine. One cannot visualize Truth or God until he achieves harmony in thought, word and deed.

Goal of human life is progress from human to Divine

Embodiments of the Divine Atma! As long as you disregard truth, you cannot have even a trace of Bliss. Time is fleeting. You have to start enquiring into the purpose of this human life now itself. It is not for leading an animal existence. The goal of human life is progress from the human to the Divine.

Today while Science is making rapid strides, morally man is going down. Selfishness and selfinterest dominate everyone of man’s activities. It is only by sacrifice that man can manifest his humanness and rise to divine heights. The unlimited proliferation of desires is the root cause of man’s misery and ruination. If you follow two main principles, you can reach the goal of human life. “Sarva jeeva namaskaram Keshavam Prathi gachathi.” The reverence shown to all beings reaches God. “Sarva jeeva thiraskaram Kesahvam Prathigachathi.” Similarly, insult to any beings amounts to insult to God. If you hare anyone, it means you are hating God. You must understand the Omnipresence of the Lord.

In the Bhagavath Geetha, Krishna declares that sacrificing the fruits of your actions is the best and easiest way of realising God. There is no Thyaga (sacrifice) these days. People are interested only in Bhoga (worldly pleasure) which leads to Roga (disease). Sacrifice is the means of attaining liberation. You should, therefore, serve society, help the poor and needy in distress, and thus manifest the human quality of compassion. By doing seva to people, you are doing seva to God. Even Adhi Shankara, who was supreme exponent of Jnana Marga (the path of spiritual wisdom), in his later days came to realise that the Bhakthi Marga (path of devotion) is the best path for mankind to realise God.

Seek to be good man and become a Godman

Instead of talking about a hundred precepts, you should practise at least one of them. Persons who are drawing high salaries are agitating for more and more, but they should undertake some self-examination as to whether they are doing enough work to justify the salary they draw. You must understand that it is the people’s money that you are enjoying. You should have your conscience as your witness and judge in deciding whether you are doing right or wrong. God is watching all your actions. You must do things to satisfy God from whom you have come and to whom you have to return.

People tend to make even the worship of God as a business proposition now-a-days. Even spirituality is commercialized. Seek to be a good man. You can then become a Godman. Never become a bad man. This cam be achieved only by chanting the name of God constantly.

Love God, though tribulation may be your lot. Love Him, though you are refused and rebuked; for it is only in the crucible of travail that the metal is purified and cleared of dross.

– Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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