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22 October 1993 | Prasanthi Nilayam | Dasara

The Message of the Upanishads – 4

Download – The Message of the Upanishads – 4

Unity in diversity

Though the Upanishads are termed as Vedantha (the end of the Vedas) they are actually the Siras (head) of the Vedas. The Eeshavasya Upanishad emphasises that man is bound by action and purity of heart is the basis for right action – “Chitthasya Shud-dhyaye Dharmah.” Right action has to be done for achieving purity of heart. When you get rid of bad feelings, evil thoughts and evil deeds, you can experience your Inner Self.

As long as one is puffed up with the pride of education, wealth, status and position one cannot comprehend the Atma. You must turn your mind away from all these transient mundane pursuits and redirect it towards the Inner Self to realise the Atmabhava, which is eternal and changeless. This is the basis for all the changing phenomena of the mundane world. (At this stage, Bhagavan materialised a gold chain by a wave of His hand and went on to explain that the basis for all gold jewellery is gold). The gold chain can be melted and turned into solid gold from which other ornaments can be made bearing different names and forms. Similarly, the basis for all the different forms and names of beings in the world is Divine.

The Eeshavasya Upanishad stresses the unity in diversity. It teaches that the mind and the body will change but the Atma is the unifying, changeless and permanent entity. Man, in his ignorance, considers all changing objects as true and does not look into the common basis which is changeless.

The Dashara celebrations in October, during which Bhagavan revived the Veda Purusha Sapthaha Jnana Yajna after a break of three years were made immensely significant for spiritual aspirants as well as Sai devotees in general by the series of discourses on the Upanishads which He gave for seven days at the Puurnachandhra Auditorium. The discourses from 19-10-1993 to 23-10-1993 are given below in a condensed form.

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