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Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 31 (1998) (Download)

24 November 1998 | Prasanthi Nilayam | Valedictory of First Overseas Convention of Chairs of Sai Centres

Love God wholeheartedly

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Manam Hithva Priyo Bhavathi, Krodham Hithva Na Sochathi, Kamam Hithva Arthavan Bhavathi, Lobham Hithva Sukhi Bhavathi.

As long as a person is egotistic, no one will love him including his wife and children, though they may pretend to do so. As long as there is anger in an individual, grief is inevitable. Satisfaction eludes one who is full of desires. One with greed can never be happy. Ego, anger, desire and greed are the root cause of restlessness in the world.

Embodiments of Love!

Man feels that happiness and peace of mind result from spiritual practices, but in reality it is not so. Mind is the source of happiness and sorrow. So, conquer the mind. Conquering the mind will lead you to the state of equanimity, wherein you treat the dualities alike. Vedanta has declared,

“Manayeva manushyanam karanam bandhamokshayoh (mind is the cause of both bondage and liberation.)” Once you control your mind, you will grow beyond the dualities of sadness and happiness.

Happiness is derived from pain and suffering

Welcome sorrow, just as you welcome happiness. In fact the happiness that you derive out of pleasure is negligible compared to the happiness that results from difficulties. History is replete with examples of people who stand testimony to this fact. All noble and ideal people had to undergo ordeals before they experienced happiness. Na sukhath labbyathe sukham (happiness is not derived from happiness). It is derived from pain and suffering, but man wants only happiness, not difficulties. This is quite contradictory to the principles of spirituality. People should understand this truth.

Punyasya phalamichchanthi Punyam nechchanthi manavah Na papaphalamichchanthi Papam kurvanthu yathnathahaha. Man desires to have fruits of meritorious deeds but does not perform any. He does not want the fruits of sinful actions, yet he indulges in them.

Whatever you want to achieve, you can do so by proceeding along the right path. Do not go on the wrong path if you are not prepared to face the consequences of it. All spiritual practices today are going in the wrong direction.

There are nine paths of devotion for man to experience divinity and to achieve self-realisation. They are: sravanam (listening), keerthanam (singing), vishnu smaranam (remembrance), pada sevanam (serving the Lotus Feet), vandanam (salutation), archanam (worship), dasyam (servitude), sneham (friendship), and atma nivedanam (surrender). Love is the lifebreath of all these forms of devotion. It is the inner current passing through all these nine paths of devotion. It is their cardinal principle.

How can one attain the Principle of Brahma Brahma means the all-pervasive cosmic principle. According to the Puranas, Brahma originated from the navel of Vishnu . Who is Vishnu He is the one who is all-pervasive. Vishnu and Brahma are synonymous with the Atma.

Atma is derived from the root word Ahas , meaning ‘day time’. Ahas dispels darkness of ignorance. Therefore, the cosmic form is described as the Effulgent One.

This Brahma is not limited to a specific name and form. It is also referred to as Brihat , meaning all-pervasive. One has to follow the truth to attain the Effulgent One.

“Yath drisyam thannasyam (all that is seen is bound to perish.)”

Asthiram Jeevanam Loke, Asthiram Yauvanam Dhanam, Asthiram Dara Puthradi, Sathyam Keerthi Dwayam Sthiram. Only truth and good name are permanent Life in the world is impermanent. So are youth and wealth. Wife and children are also not permanent. Only truth and good name are permanent and remain forever. That is why Brahma is referred to as Sathyam (Truth).

Jnanam (wisdom) emerged from Sathyam . Sathyam and jnanam are all-pervasive. That is why the Vedas have declared,

Sathyam Jnanam Anantham Brahma. God is Truth, Wisdom and Eternity.

The embodiment of Truth can be experienced only by following the path of Truth. Truth transcends time – past, present, and future. Why does God incarnate To enable man to understand and experience his latent divinity, and unity in diversity. The essence of spirituality lies in visualising unity in diversity. This is the goal of human life.

The Atma is the same in all irrespective of their name, country, and life style. This Atma is referred to as conscience, which permeates the body from top to toe. The goal of spirituality is to realise oneness of the Atma in all.

Man, on account of attachment to body, is oblivious of his innate divinity and visualises diversity in unity. This is due to ignorance. God incarnates in order to teach the underlying unity in diversity. Krishna declared,

“Mamatma Sarvabhoothantharatma (I am the indweller in all beings).” Chinmaya is within mrinmaya Body can be compared to a mirror. This mirror (body) is made of clay. This body, mrinmaya (made of clay) has to be transformed into chinmaya (one of awareness). No spiritual practices are required to do so. Realise the truth: chinmaya is within mrinmaya. But you are not making any effort to realise the true nature of yours. Ash covers the neglected embers. The embers can be seen only when the ash is blown away. Similarly, the Atma, which is inherent in man, can be seen only when the ash of ego, anger, desire, and body attachment is blown away by chanting the name of the Lord. Body attachment gives rise to ego in man. Success eludes one who is egotistic. Egolessness is true humanness. There is no trace of ego in man at the time of birth, but it develops as he grows up. Feelings of I and mine are responsible for man’s bondage. Man will enjoy bliss only when he gets rid of ego and attachment. Bliss cannot be achieved through any other spiritual practice. Spiritual practices confer only temporary mental satisfaction. Only awareness of the Atma is true and eternal. We should develop this awareness more and more. The final goal of life is to attain the Atma As pointed out by Bozzani (previous speaker), each individual should question himself, “who am I” On the contrary, each one asks “who are you” which is information-oriented. No gain accrues from acquiring this information. What is required today is transformation, which can be effected by questioning oneself “who am I” Once you know the answer to this and reach the state of transformation, you need no further spiritual practices. This is possible only when you control your mind. Sage Patanjali has enunciated the same: “Yoga chitta vritti nirodha (controlling –

Work in accordance with Swami’s ideals. This gives joy to Swami. Happiness lies in union with God. That is true happiness. You cannot attain happiness by experiencing worldly comforts. Leaving aside all differences, you must mingle with each other and undertake service activities. You should not form separate groups. Realise that pain inflicted on others is pain inflicted on Me. If all are united, I shall be extremely happy. If you were to meet someone whom you may have hated, greet him lovingly. You must conduct yourself with love. This is real penance, meditation, japa, and sadhana. Talk sweetly and smilingly One should give and take love for love’s sake. If you continue this way, the entire country will become happy. We can experience that kind of joy that has not been experienced hitherto in any previous yuga (era). When you greet others, do so wholeheartedly. Let there be no disharmony in your thoughts, words, and deeds. Talk sweetly and smilingly. This makes all happy. Happy mood, happy face, happy talk, and happy work should be your guiding force. You should not smile artificially; smile wholeheartedly. Forget your past differences and live in the present. This present is not ordinary, it is omnipresent. Develop unity. There is immense strength in unity. In unity, not only you, but also the country would have a chance to develop. Only love brings about unity. For the past four days, you have been debating and discussing various issues. Keep away all the hatred. Cleanse yourselves. Be pure, be happy. Go back happily. This is a big workshop. Your body is like a car. All the worn-out bolts, nuts, brakes, springs, and seats have been repaired and red. When you get back to your s fully transformed, people should observe this transformation in you and emulate you. I am teaching you all this prompted by love, so that you also develop love.

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