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22 November 1980 | Prasanthi Nilayam |

Live up to Sai ideals

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MAN has in him as the prime cause of both life and activity an entity, designated as the Atma (Divine Self). The Vedas (sacred scriptures of spiritual knowledge and practice) and the Upanishads originated to satisfy the need of man to become aware of this mysterious entity. The Brahma Suthra (aphorism on the Supreme Reality) which sets out to demarcate the lines of this inquiry has, as the very first aphorism,

An incident revealed for the first time

On his way to Hitler, he encountered Einstein at Vienna and Freud, a scientist engaged in research on the human mind. Freud was surprised at Messing and his powers; he realised that his own researches were shallow and turned his attention to the search for the highest level of consciousness in man. Stalin was caught between Freud and Messing but he dare not give up the image he had once built up. He continued the easier path of establishing the materialistic and atheistic state and implanting irreligion in the hearts of youth. The age of this body reaches 55 tomorrow. I have not until today revealed this incident anywhere to any one. It was 1937. This body was then 11 years of age. I was then moving the whole day with groups of boys who gathered around me. I was then at Kamalapur in Cuddappah District. I was one day near the station at Kamalapur with the boys. On seeing me, one person ran up to me, took me in his arms and kissed me, with tears pouring down his cheeks and uttering the words, “I am so happy. I am so happy.” He was also madly dancing with joy repeating, “I love you. I love you.” My companions who were watching all this wondered, “Who is this white man He looks like a lunatic. Evidently, he is planning to kidnap him.” As we moved off he was standing riveted to the spot, wistfully watching me until I disappeared from view. It was Messing.

Aura can be discerned around human body

Messing came to India in order to identify and realise the Atma principle. He undertook a variety of spiritual exercises with this end in view. As a result, he acquired Divine Vision. He met Gandhi and many holy persons engaged in ascetic practices on the Himalayas and returned to his country gratified that he had won what he was yearning for. Only those who know and seek what has to be sought can gain the goal. Only those who know the Brahman (Supreme Truth) Principle can recognise It. Messing had the Atma (divine self) ever in his mind and so he was able to announce that he had attained the awareness. He proclaimed that Stalin’s state would collapse and just as he prophesied, Khruschev transformed it soon after. Kiril, the photographer, also helped the transformation. He conducted many experiments in his laboratory on the Black Sea coast in South Russia. He demonstrated that a multicoloured aura can be discerned around the human body and can be photographed. Science had not known of its existence; it reached beyond the known limits of physics. It was caught by his camera around humans, plants, insects, and stones. He proved true the Vedhic dictum, “All this is enveloped by Ishwara” (Ishavasyam idham sarvam).

Atheists will be transformed into theists

Kiril once saw a ‘flying saucer’ while travelling by train. He declared that there are worlds beyond the understanding of man. He posited life on far distant spheres. He posited near the Milky Way another galaxy of stars wherein also life can be affirmed. All these developments indicate that while materialism gains popular acceptance, moralism, humanism and deeper faith in spiritualism are also winning the hearts of people. There is no doubt that within a few years, atheists will be transformed into theists. Nowadays, students and those claiming to be scholars ridicule those who believe in God and draw consolation from God. But, consider, how can education for acquiring physical skills and worldly success equip one with the knowledge of the eternal Reality Only genuine students can earn that equipment. Only those who are good, who do good and who wish good can be genuine seekers of knowledge. Be like the honey-bee which does not injure the flower from which it draws the nectar; it only helps pollination. And the nectar it gathers is relished as honey by others. Look at the fly; it seeks only unclean matter. And, later, resting on clean matter, it renders that too unclean.

Gather good and offer good

Students of the Sathya Sai Colleges should be like the bee and avoid the behaviour of the fly. Gather good and offer good. In army camps, whether a person is a dhobi (washerman), cook or sweeper, every one has to attend parades and learn the handling of weapons. So too, whatever the job the Old Boys of the College might do, belief in God is a must for them. What benefit can they derive from the “Kingdom of Sathya Sai” if they do not acquire spiritual consciousness They should on no account deviate from duty bound, disciplined living. There are however, some – only some – who slide into wild cultures as soon as they leave the college – growing long hair, side-burns and moustaches. Courage, adventure, sacrifice, detachment, discipline, selfcontrol, the divine urge towards truth and justice – these are qualities that mark men. When students prepare themselves for the ideal life and present it to the world, the Sathya Sai Colleges and Sathya Sai Himself will be content. Do not cultivate bad desires, do not crave for worldly pleasures, and reduce yourselves to the animal level. By developing spiritual qualities, you will be promoting the resuscitation of this country and its culture. Look at the warning that the sacred texts offer! Somaka, the Asura, stole the Vedas; Ravana kidnapped Seetha; Duryodhana grasped an empire; Kamsa slaughtered children; but not one of them realised their heart’s desire; their names are execrated by history. Sentence of death awaits everyone, which cuts off their pride and pomp. Some young persons feel that the work they have on hand gives them great pleasure but they do not pay heed to its future consequence. When you seek beneficial result, you have to involve yourselves in beneficent activity. Every conscious act of yours produces results in unseen fields. Hence, you have to be ever alert. Cultivate the habit of holy study, develop humility and reverence, adore and serve your parents and be examples and ideals for others. I bless that this goal may be realised by you.

In this iron age, when darkness is enveloping the mind of man, any little lamp that can light the steps is most welcome. That is why I advise you to resort to sath-karma, sad-achara and sathpravarthana (good deeds, good conduct and good attitudes and outlook), so that you may be established in the constant presence of the Lord. You must also strive to “hear” (shravana) elevating words, to ruminate (manana) on these promptings of the spirit and then, when the validity is recognised, to meditate (nididhyasana) on it, in pro found reverence. All other activity is secondary; this alone is edifying, this alone is beneficial.

– Sri Sathya Sai Baba

“Athatho Brahma Jijnasa.”

These four words – Atha, Atho, Brahma and Jijnasa – deserve careful study, for they contain the very essence of the four Vedas and their teachings, meant to help the Jijnasa (study) of Brahman, the Atma (Divine Self) principle in its Universal aspect.

The word Atha has many meanings: auspiciousness, afterwards, in the beginning, questioning, Universal, etc. But the meaning afterwards is most appropriate here. After what “After acquiring the requisite qualifications” is the answer. They are:

(1) Discrimination between the temporary and the permanent;

(2) Detachment: awareness that the objective world is of no lasting worth;

(3) Self control: of both the outer senses and the inner urges;

(4) Longing for liberation from delusion and the desires that delusion breeds.

There are four more requirements. These are:

(5) Listening to good and virtuous matters

(6) Using the senses for the beneficent purpose for which they are gifted by God; (7) Reflection: on what is heard, seen, tasted, etc; (8) Practising what is found beneficient. These steps reveal Truth and confer full Bliss. From 1917, materialism and atheism were promoted in Russia, mainly by Stalin. But, he could not suppress the opposing forces completely. A powerful spiritual personality named Wolfe Messing arose, exhibiting a purified consciousness and an insight marked by Divine characteristics. Stalin planned to put him down and sent him into Hitler’s presence. Messing prayed, “Lord! I seek only to spread Your Glory on earth; hence I am not frightened at the tactics of these evil men.”

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