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13 April 2005 | Prasanthi Nilayam | Seva Dal Conference

Love is God, God is Love, Live in Love

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God is love and love is God. When you hold on to this principle of love and develop love to love relationship, you will attain the state of non-dualism. (Telugu poem)

Embodiments of Love!

You have come here with a lot of expectation to take part in the conference. Though your stay at Prasanthi Nilayam is short, your experiences are profound, and you have described them at length in your speeches. However, you deserve much more.

The day on which all the devotees gather and sing the glory of God melodiously; the day on which the sufferings of the poor are lovingly removed and all people live like brothers and sisters; the day on which groups of dasas (servants of God) who constantly contemplate on God are served a sumptuous feast; the day on which noble souls visit us and narrate the stories of God lovingly – enjoy that day as the real day. All other days are mere death anniversaries. Do I need to say more, oh noble souls! (Telugu poem)

Embodiments of Love!

In this conference, you have dealt at length on various aspects such as the duties and responsibilities of youth and how they should mould their character. Let all your activities be suffused with love.

Modern youth fail to understand the true meaning of love. Love cannot exist if there is a feeling of duality. Ekatma prema (non-dual love) is true love. Give-and-take relationship does not reflect the true spirit of love. One should keep giving and giving, without expecting anything in return. That is true love. To retreat in times of difficulty is the sign of selfish love. Yathartha prema (true love) will reign supreme only when you give up swartha (selfishness) and strive for parartha (welfare of others).

You should know the difference between padartha (matter) and yathartha (reality). Reality transcends matter. Sarvam khalvidam Brahma (verily all this is Brahman). Consider everything as divine, and treat the dualities of life, such as pain and pleasure, loss and gain, with equanimity. Sukhadukhe samekruthwa labhalabhau jayajayau (one should remain unaffected by happiness and sorrow, gain and loss, victory and defeat). Never be carried away by the vagaries of the mind. When you follow the mind, you see only matter but not the reality. Mind is related to matter. You should not have anything to do with matter. When you associate yourself with the mind, you can never visualise unity. You cannot develop true love and devotion unless you give up duality.

Embodiments of Love!

Understand that the same principle of love exists in you and others. A true devotee is one who understands the principle of unity and acts accordingly. Non-dualism is true devotion. your love with others without any expectation. Love everybody only for the sake of love. When you extend your love to others, you can attain the state of non-dualism.

The love that you experience at physical and worldly plane day in and day out is not true love at all! True love is that which is focused on one form, one path, and one goal. It is a great mistake to divide love and divert it in different directions. Love is God. God is love. Live in love. Only then can you realise the principle of oneness and attain fulfilment in life.

Prema muditha manase kaho Rama Rama Ram (Sing the sweet name of Rama with your heart filled with love). You may choose any name you like, but you should call Him with all love. Love is most sacred, sweet, and non-dual. It is a great mistake to divide such love and associate it with multiplicity. Your love should remain steady in pleasure and pain. Love and devotion do not give any scope for differences. All differences are the making of your mind. Develop the feeling of oneness that you and I are one. Never think that you and I are different. That is the sign of true devotion.

The letter ‘I’ stands for oneness. ‘You’ (individual identity) will not exist when you develop purity and experience oneness with divinity. Hence, give up dualistic feeling. The principle of oneness has to be experienced through love. It cannot be explained in words.

But you have not understood the true meaning of love. You are interpreting it in the physical and worldly sense. Consequently, your love is never steady. It keeps changing every now and then. Love should not be tainted with body attachment. Body is made up of matter. All that is related to matter will never give you peace and happiness. Hence, transcend matter and see the reality. Develop ekatma bhava (feeling of oneness). All are one, be alike to everyone. It is a big mistake to attribute worldly feelings to love. There is no scope for dualism in love.

Embodiments of Love!

Your names and forms are different, but the principle of love is the same in all of you. That is why I address you as the “embodiments of love”. Love is always one, it should not be divided. Consider God as one and love Him wholeheartedly. Such one-pointed love toward God can be termed true devotion. Devotees like Jayadeva, Gauranga, and Eknath developed such divine love and sanctified their lives. Likewise, Mira and Sakhubai had unwavering love and devotion toward God. They did not worship various names and forms. They followed one path. They installed one name and one form in their heart and contemplated on their chosen deity incessantly.

Those who are dual-minded and change their path every now and then are bound to ruin their lives. Hence, never be dual-minded. Experience divinity with ekatma bhava. You may choose any name you like – Rama, Krishna, Easwara, etc. – and contemplate on the form. You will certainly reach the goal of life. Lead your life with your mind always focused on the goal.

Once, Radha could not find Krishna anywhere. Since she was deeply attached to Krishna’s physical form, she went in search of Him everywhere. She always yearned and pined for His physical proximity. The name and the form are one and the same. However, people are unable to enquire deeply and experience such oneness.

The power of love is unparalleled. It is beyond the ken of human understanding. Love can be understood only through love.

Mira’s husband, Rana, had built a mandir (temple) for Krishna. Being a great devotee of the Lord, Mira was always found in the mandir singing His glory ecstatically. Consequently, she earned the wrath of Rana. He commanded her to leave the mandir. This came as a great shock to Mira. She thought to herself, “When Krishna is all-pervasive and not confined to this mandir alone, how can Rana take me away from Him” She left her home and hearth and set out to Mathura. Where is Mathura It is not some geographical location. The heart suffused with nectarine love is Mathura.

She sang, Chalo Re Man Ganga Yamuna Teer (Oh mind! Go to the confluence of Ganga and Yamuna). Here, Ganga and Yamuna symbolically mean ida and pingala (left and right nostrils). The central part of the eyebrows where ida and pingala meet stands for Mathura. This is the esoteric meaning of the song. She proceeded toward Mathura, chanting the Name of Krishna incessantly, while crossing rivers, hills, dales, and forests. When she ultimately reached Brindavan, she found the temple doors closed. In spite of her repeated prayers, the doors did not open. Then she said, “Oh Krishna, my heart is Your temple. I have installed You in the altar of my heart.” She banged her head against the temple door, calling out to Krishna. She had the vision of Krishna and merged in Him. King Rana repented for having driven away Mira from the temple. He prayed to Krishna for forgiveness. People these days do not enquire into the inner meaning of certain words they use. They are carried away by the worldly meanings and interpretations. You should take into consideration the feelings that emerge from your heart which is true and eternal. This is how Mira experienced oneness with Krishna. If one wishes to tread the path of devotion, one should hold on to the principle of love firmly. Ordinary mortals do not have such firm determination, but a true devotee will never deviate from the path of love under any circumstances. No other path except love can take us to God. Develop love more and more. Wherever you are, love is your sole refuge. Embodiments of Love! Fill your hearts with love, and let love be the guiding principle in all your activities when you return home. When you have love in your heart, you do not need to worry about anything. God will always be with you, in you, around you and will look after you in all respects. When you say, “Krishna, I will follow You,” it means that Krishna is separate from you. It is possible that you will lose your way. Hence, you should pray, “Krishna, please be with me always.” In fact, He is always in you. When you enquire deeply, you will experience this truth. It is impossible to be away from Him. Many devotees proclaim, “Oh God, I am in you, I am with you and I am for you.” They repeat these words like parrots but do not say them from the depths of their heart. Actually, God is never separate from you. Pray to Him wholeheartedly with the conviction that He is always in you, with you, above you, below you, and around you. When you offer such a prayer to God, He will certainly redeem your life. We have one more day left. I will explain all these in detail so that you will understand them better. Do not feel satisfied with what you have experienced so far. There is much more to be experienced, which will fill your heart with bliss. How can you say that your hunger is satisfied by eating a little There is a lot of scope for you to experience divinity in full measure in the days to come. Alternative Link to Discourse:

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