Ref Gents Pitch: 7 Pancham / B | Ref Ladies Pitch:

2697. Sri Ramachandra Jaya Jagannatha

Sri Ramachandra Jaya Jagannatha

Sita Pathey Jaya Raghu Natha

Patitha Pavana Deena Natha

Deena Natha Deena Natha [ Patitha Pavana … ]

Parthi Pureeshwara Sai Natha [ Sita Pathey … ]

2651. Somebody Loves You

Somebody loves you more than you know

Somebody’s with you wherever you go

Somebody really and truly cares

And lovingly listens to all your prayers

Don’t doubt for a minute that this is our truth

For Sai loves His children and cares for them too

When all is precious for yours to share

If you love Him truly, then show Him that you care